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Tuscany Travel Guide


Ideal for travel dates: April - September

Length of trip: 5 - 7 days

Experience La Dolce Vita in this well-balanced travel itinerary to the Tuscany countryside and major cities such as Florence.

In this guide, you will find 29 pages of:

  • day to day itinerary for 5 days, broken down by morning, afternoon and evening activities
  • Where to stay in Florence and Tuscan countryside
  • Tuscan cuisine restaurant recommendations
  • Photo locations
  • Wineries
  • Day trips to nearby Tuscan provinces
  • Travel map with exact location pins of points of interest in the itinerary
  • Special map with the iconic cypress trees, filming locations of famous movies such as Gladiator and George Clooney and Adam Sandler's upcoming 2025 Netflix Jay Kelly movie.
  • Experiences and attractions
  • Updates to the travel guide, free of charge

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  • The map is only a one time purchase, forever yours. No subscriptions needed. When there are new highlights that you shouldn't miss, I will add it to the map, FREE of charge. Follow me on Instagram @candidcuisine to know if there are new map updates.
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Last updated Jul 5, 2024

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Tuscany Travel Guide

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